And so it begins.

This being my first attempt at blogging and the beginning of what will likely prove to be a challenging year or more, anyone who knows me is likely wondering, “What the hell was she thinking. And for that matter was she?” I have to admit that in the last twenty-four hours I have asked myself those questions and many more in relation to these new undertakings.


Signing up to have a chance to compete for a position on the Invictus Games Team Canada seems to be an almost absurd goal for me right now. Especially given the shape I am in. When I allow myself to slide into those thoughts all I can think of is just how impossible a goal this really is. But, when I remind myself about just how far I have come in the last six or seven years. I have to believe anything is possible and that bigger miracles have already happened in my life. That I remain on the green side of the grass is ample evidence of this.


What I am hoping right now, is that now that I have thrown down the gauntlet so publically I will be more inclined to just go for it. And, as long as I do the best that I can. What ultimately does come of this is all for the good.


I would love to be able to say there will be no excuses, no bitching, doubting or just plain whining but it is far more likely that these will be present and accounted for over the next weeks and months. Along with the thrills, triumphs and incremental improvements that will show up along the way.


For now, what and when I will be writing are up for debate. My overall goal is a chronicle and journal of this pursuit.


Any topic suggestions or comments will be more than welcome.


7 thoughts on “And so it begins.

  1. I am so on board with you in this adventure. So proud of you. You have so much courage and sometimes appear fearless. I know you are not but yet you forge ahead. You risk when many others would play it safe. You don’t back down. You are a fighter and a little bit stubborn 🙂 I will follow you with the pride of knowing I can call you my true friend.


  2. I’m behind you 200% Jackie. Goals that are bigger than us or our capabilities, are goals the Lord gives us the strength, will and ability to accomplish.
    Be encouraged every step of the way. You are not in this chsllange alone.
    I am so looking forward to reading your blog .

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